Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Interactive Family Tree is On-line!

I didn't think I'd make it.  I wanted to have the interactive family tree up and running on my web site by Christmas and I've done it!  Check it out at  This is my gift to you so Merry Christmas to everyone in the family:)

I'm very excited about this particular family tree program because it is interactive and because I can assign varying degrees of access to people who are interested in our family tree:
  •  The casual visitor or family member who just wants to see the information about dead relatives can sign in as Guest using the password family.  This will allow them to view the family tree containing all Benoys and many collateral lines but they will not be able to edit the data or download gedcom files and most of the information about living people will be hidden - this includes people who were born within the past 110 years and I don't know if they are alive or not.
  • If you can find yourself on the family tree, or you can identify one of your ancestors on it, please register for your own account by clicking Register a New User Account on the menu bar (you can do this while you are logged in as a Guest).  If you would like edit access to a particular branch of the family tree be sure to say so in the notes section and I can set that up for you.  I will check new registrants at least once a week and you will receive an email once your account has been accepted.  
  • I still need to do some testing regarding access to information about living people before granting this type of access to anyone.  In order to protect privacy, I want to limit living person access to the specific branch of the tree to which the user belongs unless there is reason to expand this access.  I think it is set up as 'all or nothing' right now so I may have to tweek the program a bit to make this possible - watch this blog for further developments.
  • Those of you who are keen genealogists will want to be able to download gedcom files and may want full control over a branch of the tree or even to share administration duties with me.  All of this is possible so please let me know if you are interested in these options.
I've uploaded some document images including birth, marriage and death certificates but haven't added photos yet - this will come later.  Meanwhile, you might want to check out the following albums on my Picasa page:
The data isn't quite as clean as I'd like it but this will be remedied over time, hopefully with the help of family members who would like to assist me in maintaining the tree.  Meanwhile, let me know if you see any duplications, inconsistencies or out and out errors.

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