Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Links and Pictures

I've added person ID links to the parish records.

I've also started to add pictures.  At the moment, I'm trying to add a good "head-shot" for each person on the tree for whom I have a picture.  I cut the picture on the right out of larger "whole body" picture of  my great grandfather, William Henry Benoy.   Sometimes,  I  need to isolate an individual from a group photo.  If I can't totally isolate the head and shoulders of the individual without including part of another person in the group, I sometimes cut very close to the individual's face (like the picture of my dad's cousin above left).  Even when I don't have a good picture, I do the best I can with what I have because even a blurry or damaged picture is better than no picture at all.  Look for these pictures in the pedigree and descendant views of the tree as well as in the top left-hand corner of the detail pages for the individuals.  If I haven't added a pictures of you or your family, I either don't have any or I just haven't got to them yet.  I'll let you know when I run out of people for whom I have pictures and will put out a call for more at that point - I'm hoping that you'll be able to upload your own pictures at that point.

Once I've finished adding a head-shot for each person, I'll start adding more pictures if I have them.  I'd love to add pictures that tell a story and casual pictures that give a sense of time, place and/or character.

The picture on the left, here, is of me (many years ago) assisting my dad, who was a magician. I just discovered the picture on the right which is of my older brother, Terry (aka Lawrence) exploring the garden with my younger brother, Kevin.

This picture of a picnic on the beach (right) is a favourite of mine. Notice that some of the women are dressed up, hats and all, and others are dressed casually for the beach while all of the men are wearing suits.  It would have been taken around 1923  in Plymouth at the place where the ferry used to leave for Saltash.   After a great deal of puzzling and deducing I believe I've identified most of the people in this photo.   I immediately recognised the man lying on his side and the woman with the goofy expression to the right of him as my grandparents, the little boy in the middle as my father, the man on the far right as Will Painter ( identified from the photo albums that I looked at with my grandmother when I was a little girl and who I now know was the half-brother of my grandfather).  A cousin once identified other photos of the woman in the wide brimmed hat closest to the rocks as Sarah Painter so she was Will's wife.  The large woman behind my dad looks like the picture that my grandmother had, on the wall of her living room, which she referred to as "mother".  Since this is certainly not her mother, who died before my dad was born, I've deduced that the woman in this picture was probably my grandfather's step-mother.  After much comparison to the only other photo and a quick check of the dates, I realised that the older man with the white goatee must have been my great grandfather, William Henry Benoy (this pinned down the year since he died in 1924).  This brought me to the young woman who is snuggled up to him.  If the large woman was his 2nd wife then this woman must be his youngest daughter, Beatrice [Benoy] Harvey.  The little girl beside my dad would be Beatrice's youngest daughter Phyllis who was a few months older than dad.  I'd already decided that the resemblance betweenBeatrice and the woman in white beside Phyllis was strong enough for them to be sisters so that makes the woman in white Sarah [Benoy] Morrison.  This leaves only the two women on the far left unidentified.

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